Le Pen suspends presidential bid — Analysis

Marine Le Pen, a National Rally candidate has suspended her campaign to become France’s president because she cannot get sufficient support from the local leaders. Le Pen’s press conference on Wednesday concerning education has been cancelled, as has her trip to the Somme at the weekend.

RTL was informed Tuesday morning by her that she didn’t have enough. “just over 40”Signatures of support by elected officials local to the cause

To run for president, candidates must be sponsored by 500 officials from the local area, including mayors.

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Le Pen is seeing her support for other right-wing candidates diminish amid increasing competition. The influential mayor of Beziers, Robert Menard, had given his support to Le Pen despite flirtations with ultra-right polemicist-cum-politician Eric Zemmour.  

The National Rally candidate has sought to sanitize her party’s image in recent years despite making it to the presidential run-off in 2017, losing to the country’s current leader, Emmanuel Macron.

She changed the party’s name and moved her politics towards the center, ridding it of the jackbooted imagery that clung to her Holocaust-denying father, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

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