La Palma volcano stops erupting after 85 days of destruction — Analysis

The eruption of the La Palma volcano that plunged Spain’s Canary Islands into chaos has stopped “after 85 days and 8 hours,”Local government announcement.

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It is now over.” the regional security minister, Julio Perez, said at a press conference on Saturday.

Clarifying the fact that the volcano no longer showed vital signs as of December 13, he stated that he was happy to confirm the information.

Given the difficulties the Canary Islands government faced, this is no surprise. The eruption that began September 19th, resulting in the destruction of 1,600 structures and the burying of 70km of roads, has forced the evacuation of more than 7000 people.

While the eruption is over, seismologists say it is too early for people to take a break. Stavros Mesletlidis from the National Geographic Institute said that it is impossible to tell if the volcano went to sleep or not using the 10-day-old period. 

It was my idea that more time would be available. In any event, it is not a significant time span: although the eruption has ended, the volcanic process will continue long into the future.,” he said.

The volcano that turned a Canary Islands paradise into a burning inferno (VIDEO)

While the La Palma eruption is now the longest and most destructive in the island’s history, it is far from being a world record.
The Guinness World Records lists Italy’s Mount Stromboli as the longest continuously erupting volcano, which “Continuous volcanic eruptions have been taking place since the 7th Century BC,” when activity was reported by Greek colonists. Its constant mild explosions – several each hour – gave it the nickname ‘the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean’.

With at least 71,000 deaths, the 1815 eruption on Mount Tambora, Indonesia in Indonesia is considered one of the most devastating in recent history.

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