Kyle Rittenhouse crowdfunds lawsuits against media — Analysis

Kenosha shooting suspect is acquitted. He says that he would like to see people held accountable for him being smeared.

A teenager from Illinois, who was convicted in Kenosha for using a firearm to protesters there, gained international attention. He said that he is crowdfunding legal campaigns against those he believes have wronged him. During his Fox News appearance Monday, he announced that he was crowdfunding a legal campaign against people smearing him.

Some speakers described Kyle Rittenhouse as an anti-white supremacist killer, who was protected by an unfair legal system, both before, during and after his trial. All charges were dropped and Rittenhouse was exonerated. This made him a symbol for the American liberal bias that dominates the media landscape.

Rittenhouse launched the Media Accountability Project. Rittenhouse will file suit “politicians, celebrities, [and] athletes,”Tucker Carlson was told by Tucker Carlson that he had damaged his reputation.

He identified two names as people he would like to hear from lawyers. The 19-year old man is currently in high school. One is Whoopi Goldberg, the co-host of ‘The View’ talk show on ABC. Cenk Uygur is another, from YouTube’s channel The Young Turks. Rittenhouse stated that Rittenhouse had claimed they both called Rittenhouse murderers, even though he was acquitted. Both would not immediately comment.

Rittenhouse’s video clip postedA sample of US media negative coverage showed how he was being covered on social media. Pundits quoted had called himA “white supremacist,” “arguably a domestic terrorist,” a “militia wannabe”and many other names. It culminated in the famous statement by Donald Trump, then President of the United States, that the media was his. “the enemy of the people.”

Rittenhouse fatally shot two men during an August 2020 Kenosha riot. This riot took place amid the larger Black Lives Matter protest against American racial injustice, making it highly political. The jury ruled that the teen was acting in self-defense and passed a not guilty verdict.

Goldberg was furious at the cancellation of her program and stated that “even all the excuses in the world does [sic!] not change the fact that three people got shot, two people were murdered – to me it’s murder, I’m sorry.”

It was not immediately clear which of Uygur’s remarks about him Rittenhouse had in mind when he made his accusation.

The whole chain of events which led to Rittenhouse killing three people was captured and made available to the public before the trial even began. The Rittenhouse trial was covered by foreign media that incorrectly claimed the three victims he had shot were all black. Critics see this as evidence of American news agencies’ biased reporting. Rittenhouse shot Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, as well as Gaige Grosskreutz and Gaige Grosskreutz. They were both white.

Rittenhouse, who was freed by the criminal courts, is now facing a civil case brought against him by his relatives. Rittenhouse killed Anthony Huber after they had a fight. The Huber family filed a $10 million claim notice in December and added their son’s killer to the list of defendants last month.

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