Is SEO for Window and Door Companies Worth It?

If previously Window and Door Companies got customers offline, in today’s digital age the situation in the market has changed dramatically.

Most modern customers prefer to shop online, and every year this trend is increasing. Therefore, if your business does not start SEO promotion in the nearest future, you risk losing your market position. 

Not sure if is SEO worth it? Our answer is yes, even though your subject is quite competitive. With a «correct» promotion after a year or two of fruitful work, you can get into the TOP and generate more qualified leads.

SEO best practices for window and door companies

If you are looking for creative solutions to strengthen the presence of your company on the Internet, then surely you have heard the term SEO. This is a set of actions aimed at improving the internal and external optimization of your website to increase traffic and bring it to the top of the search results.

We have compiled the most effective SEO for window and door companies, that will help you to reach all the goals: 

  • Website audit

With this service, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your digital resource and understand how to improve them.

  • Structure of your web resource

It should be as simple and intuitive as possible so that your customers can find the product they want in a few clicks.

Also make sure that the target audience can easily find your contacts, list of services, delivery information, and all that is important for making a purchase decision.

  • Internal optimization

Internal technical website optimization includes work with code, an increase of usability, adjustment of 404, 301, and 302 redirects, implementation of micro markings, enhancement of commercial factors, and fulfillment of requirements of search engines.

We also recommend adding a FAQ block with markup and examples of works with alt written images on the product pages.

  • Loading speed

As a rule, users spend no more than a minute on a website. Therefore, you should make sure that the web resource works as quickly as possible, and that the content of pages is downloaded completely. This is especially important for the mobile version, from where you will get more than half of all traffic.

  • Safety

If you have ever opened an unprotected site, you will have noticed a warning recommending to leave this resource. Your clients do not need viruses on the computer, so make sure that they do not encounter them.

  • Content marketing

Your site should not impose products. Make sure that your web resource is filled with unique and useful content that meets users’ requests. So, digital marketing experts recommend implementing a blog section on the site, where you will tell about the features of your product use, give useful advice on how to choose it, etc.

Don’t forget to update and expand content regularly for new search queries. If nothing on the site is updated within six months or a year, Google will lower it and you will lose your search results.

  • Target keywords

Help improve your ranking. Most importantly, find out what keywords people use to search for your services.

  • External optimization

Once the site is okay, it’s time to think about how you will present your business online. External optimization provides links to home and internal landing pages and increases the number of brand references on the Internet in articles on other sites (ideally with a backlink to your site).

To enhance the effect of SEO promotion for window and door companies, we also recommend using social media, which is a powerful tool to attract traffic to your website. Regularly publish photos and videos of your products, alternate «selling» posts with entertaining and useful publications – and very soon you will see the results you’ve been craving!

Local SEO for window and door companies

Local SEO services play a huge role for window and door companies. The fact that such brands are mainly oriented to the local market: most buyers prefer to have the opportunity to visit the office of the company, see demonstration samples, and choose contractors from their city.

Local SEO with landing pages optimized for the city where the company performs the installations will give you the highest convertible traffic.

To do this, you need to add accurate contact information, high quality product images, and a link to your website. Also, do not forget to publish reviews, which are an essential element of your online reputation.

Google business profile optimization for window and door companies

Google business search optimization is another tool to help users find your company.

At this stage, we recommend the following steps:

  • Fill out the company profile in Google My business with examples of works and photos of the team and your workflow;
  • Specify your category;
  • Select Service Area;
  • Enable messages so that users can write requests through the company’s listing;
  • Add products with links to the site’s landing pages;
  • Regularly post the updates;
  • Ask clients to leave a review. 

If you have a lot of positive reviews and full information in GMB, then GMB listing will rank above competitors listing and bring quality leads.

How can your window and door company benefit from doing SEO?

Improving the rating of your brand is not the easiest task, but the effort will pay off. 

What benefits will give the change in your website structure and optimization of its content?

  1. Help the target audience find your products or services.
  2. Draw attention to your business.
  3. Will give good traffic, quality leads, and reduced cost per conversion (cost per conversion from SEO, in the long run, is much lower than from paid advertising Google Ads).

What is the right SEO strategy for a window and door company?

The main thing is to do everything right from the beginning: even before you think about the need to promote your business online.

A good information site should be written in CMS, not in an online builder. It should provide the correct structure for Future SEO.

Monthly works include:

  • Content marketing;
  • Obtaining links;
  • Availability of sufficient useful content on home pages;
  • Keeping content up to date;
  • Optimization of downloaded images;
  • Research of competitor sites and the application of new ideas;

As to the long-term objectives of a few months’ work, it is important to formulate and implement the right strategy. At first «pump» the site in a competitive niche, starting from low- and medium-competitive requests, and only then go to the promotion of highly competitive ones.

Professional SEO services for window and door companies

To speed up the process of reaching high positions you need the help of a digital marketing agency, who have experience in promoting such sites.

Among all SEO companies for window and door companies we recommend using Zwebra services. 

The company has extensive experience in this competitive niche. Over the past year, it has brought most of its client’s high-frequency requests to the top of Google’s local issue. Zwebra specialists have also increased the number of applications from the site by 4 times.

As part of Zwebra’s SEO promotion, you can count on:

  • Analysis of your niche and competitors;
  • Semantic core formation;
  • Creating quality content, SEO copywriting, and marketing;
  • Internal and external site optimization;
  • Prompt response to any updates that may affect your website;
  • Complex site audit and monthly reports on the work performed with recommendations for further promotion;
  • Affordable prices for all services.

By contacting Zwebra, you will be given a unique strategy tailored to the specific needs of your business, which will bring your business to the top positions of search results!

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