Kosovo asks for permanent US base, NATO membership — Analysis

Pristina says it is an ‘immediate need’ of US military base to maintain peace in the Balkans

Kosovo has announced it would ask Washington to set up a permanent military base on its territory, urging the US and its allies to accept Pristina’s bid to join NATO. Four members of the US-led Military Block refuse to recognize Kosovo’s independence at this time.

Armend mehaj, Kosovo’s defence minister posted on social media on Sunday that Pristina was being attacked. “in an immediate need”You can find out more at “accelerated membership in NATO and the establishment of a permanent base of American forces”In light of ongoing military conflicts between Russia and Ukraine.

Referring to the Kremlin’s “special military operation”As “the military aggression,”Mehaj stated that permanent US force deployment is essential. “guarantee peace, security and stability in the Western Balkans and beyond.”

“The Republic of Kosovo and its citizens, we have proven … that we are worthy fighters in defense of the Euro-Atlantic values ​​of freedom, peace and democracy, the values ​​on which NATO stands and its mission,”Mehaj wrote.

15 years on: Looking back at NATO's ‘humanitarian’ bombing of Yugoslavia

Defense minister said that it was now the right time to allow NATO members that had so far refused to recognize Kosovo (namely Greece, Romania and Slovakia) to do so. “Do not hesitate anymore!”Mehaj wrote.

Just over half of UN members have accepted Kosovo’s independence in 2008. Kosovo was annexed to the United Nations with support from the West. Russia, China (China, Argentina), Brazil, India and Indonesia consider it to be a part of Serbia.

NATO began a bombing campaign of 78 days in the former Yugoslavia in 1999 to defend civilians from atrocities committed by Serbian soldiers during insurgents of ethnic Albanians living in Kosovo. This campaign was condemned “Operation Allied Force”The conflict, however, caused civilian deaths and forced the displacement of approximately 200,000 Kosovo ethnic Serbs. Over 20 schools were also destroyed in the chaos. “humanitarian intervention,”Around 40,000 houses were also damaged.



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