Keep borders open despite Covid variants, WHO pleads — Analysis

The World Health Organization has encouraged countries to keep their borders open, despite fears about the Omicron variant of Covid-19, as South Africa denounces global travel restrictions that it has called “unjustified.”

According to the WHO, avoiding closing borders will help prevent terrorist attacks. “heavy burden on lives and livelihoods.” 

The organization warns that restrictions should never be placed. “unnecessarily invasive or intrusive.”

“Covid-19 constantly exploits our divisions. We will only get the better of the virus if we work together for solutions,” Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO’s Regional Director for Africa, said. 

This comment comes in response to several countries placing travel restrictions following the discovery of the variant in South Africa. In response to this variant, several other countries have also placed travel restrictions to South Africa. 

In a Sunday speech, President Cyril Ramaphosa stated that there would not be any new restrictions “at this stage”He urged the other nations to visit his country. “urgently”Call these to lift travel restrictions “unjustified.”

However, the decision not to implement South Africa travel restrictions will be reviewed within a week. It is dependent on more South African citizens being vaccinated.



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