K-drama accused of animal cruelty — Analysis

South Korean television cancels episodes from a series where a horse had to suffer a terrible fall.

Following footage showing an animal being forced to fall head-first on the ground by a South Korean film crew, thousands have petitioned for new guidelines.

KBS TV apologizes for an incident that occurred on its set of highly-rated series ‘The King of Tears, Lee Bang-won’,The latter was described by the author as an accident. “During filming, the actor fell far from the horse and the horse’s upper body hit the ground hard,”The broadcaster stated.

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However, video clipOn Wednesday, the Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA), released a video showing the horse racing at top speed, with a stuntman riding on his back and a rope attached to its back. With a loud, eerie thud the animal fell headfirst onto its stomach. KBS TV confirmed this in its statement “About a week after filming, we found out that the horse died.”

Although two episodes were canceled by the network, public anger over this incident persists. A petition on South Korea’s presidential website has gathered more than 105,000 signatures, calling for new rules to prevent animal cruelty on television and movie sets. It was noted that crew members tried to assess the situation of the stunt actor following the fall but were ignored by the horse, which lay motionless on its back.

A petition signed by over 40,000 people calls for the show to be removed from the air. KAWA filed a suit against the broadcaster, claiming that it violated animal protection laws.

South Korean actors took part in calling for an end to cruel treatment on the set. “I hope animal abuse disappears,”Bae Da-hae stated. “Please sign the petition so that the fundamental problems of animal cruelty in the media can be resolved through this incident.”

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KBS TV, one of the top producers of Kdramas (also known as K-dramas), has been widely viewed across Asia and Americas by their airings on international networks.

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