Jordan Sudberg MD: A Leading Pain Management Doctor

Jordan Sudberg is one of the tristate area’s leading medical experts specializing in pain management. Dr. Sudberg is the CEO and Medical Director of Spine and Sports Rehabilitation. He completed his residency training at North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital in New York.

Over the course of his training in pain management, Sudberg developed a specific interest in Regenerative medical techniques. He is certified in ultrasound guided injections and was trained in Nerve Conduction Studies at Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. Sudberg’s specific areas of interest revolve around Elite Fitness, Peak Performance and Regenerative Medicine. Sudberg was a research scientist at Harvard University’s Massachusetts General Hospital in the tissue engineering apartment, and was a research scientist at Columbia University in the Cardiology Department, studying the effects of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Sudberg is a proud member of the American Council on Exercise; the American Fitness & Aerobics Association; the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, among numerous other professional networks and associations.


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