Jordan Peterson pens a song for Trudeau — Analysis

A song was written by the psychologist who supported Freedom Convoy protests and directed it at Canada’s prime minister.

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson created a song for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The tune, which draws influence from Pink Floyd, seemingly criticizes Trudeau’s handling of the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy protests, which Peterson has been vocal in his support for.

Entitled ‘Wake Up’, the song was published on Peterson’s YouTube channel on Saturday. Composed by Peterson and musician Skutch Tully, and featuring lyrics sung by Tully, Peterson, and Peterson’s wife Tammy, the track blends Peterson’s political message with guitars and pianos clearly inspired by prog-rock legends Pink Floyd.

Trudeau seems to have been directly targeted by the lyrics. Trudeau responded to Freedom Convoy protests by first leaving Ottawa then returning to enforce unprecedented emergency powers against the demonstrators.

“You should be acting well / You should climb off your throne / And see what you’ve been shown / You might think this is hell,” Peterson’s lyrics seemingly implore Trudeau. “You should just stop and think / You should be doing well / You should be waking up,” the song’s chorus repeats.

Peterson has fiercely criticized Canada’s “totalitarian”He opposed vaccine mandates and claimed that he felt a loss of faith in the government when he received his vaccinations. While he has supported Freedom Convoy protests loudly, he admitted that not everyone would agree with him. “pack up and leave,”Argumenting that they were “been a model for the entire world.” 

Ottawa police chief declares ‘occupation over’

The majority of them stayed in Ottawa. Those that remained faced a heavy-handed police crackdown in recent days, with officers seen on camera hitting protesters and charging on horseback into crowds. More than 170 arrests were made on Friday and Saturday, and Ottawa’s interim police chief, Steve Bell, claimed on Saturday evening that the “unlawful occupation is over.”

Trudeau never suggested that the mandate for vaccines on cross-border truckers or the requirement to have all Canadians vaccinated would be lifted. His use of emergency powers – enabling the Canadian government to freeze the bank accounts of protesters or those supporting them – has been condemned internationally, with the editorial boards of the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal stating their disapproval and several US politicians publicly denouncing the Canadian leader.

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