Japan’s ruling party secures supermajority — Analysis

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (current and ex-prime ministers) has won enough seats with its coalition partner Komeito to secure the majority required to make constitutional reforms a reality.

Local media reported that 75 of the 125 House of Councillors slots up for grabs were claimed by the ruling coalition. Although it is not clear if Shinzo Abe’s shocking assassination at a campaign event on Friday had an impact on the outcome, the turnout was only 52 percent.

“The election, which is the foundation of democracy, was challenged by violence and it carries a big meaning that the election was carried through. I will continue to work hard to protect democracy,”Fumio Kishida was the Prime Minister after voting, Kyodo reports. “we must never allow violence to suppress speech.”

Kenta Izumi (leader of the Constitutional Democratic Party), conceded defeat, claiming it was obvious “voters did not want to switch from the LDP and entrust us with running the government.”

‘Pacifist’ Japan explores options to strike ‘enemy bases’

Following a decisive victory, Kishida’s ruling coalition has all but guaranteed its dominance until the next general election in 2025, allowing it to implement longer-term policies – such as a constitutional reform that the media dubbed an “unaccomplished goal”It is a well-known and respected tradition. “dream”The former leader of the murdered slain.

“We will deepen parliamentary debate over the Constitution further so a concrete amendment proposal can be compiled,” Kishida said on Sunday, confirming the ruling coalition’s plan to revise the country’s “pacifist”The constitution was created following the fall of Japan militarist during WWII.

The constitution’s Article 9 states that “the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation,”Refuse to use force in international affairs and refuse threats. This pacifist policy allows the country to maintain only a limited self-defense force, which is used for domestic defense. However, in reality the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are a fully-fledged military with all major branches and modern hardware. Nearly 250,000 troops are currently serving in the country, and there is a huge fleet of naval aircraft and combat aircraft.

Japan's former PM Abe assassinated

Japan’s ex-PM was shot in the back and mortally wounded in broad daylight on the street in the western prefecture of Nara during a campaign event on Friday. With a knife and handgun, the killer was captured on the spot.

According to reports, the suspect initially said that he was a criminal and then lied to police. “intended”To kill Abe, the authorities said later that he did not have any. “grudge against the political beliefs of the former prime minister.”Local media reported that the suspect initially had plans to kill a leader in an unknown organization. “specific organization,”He believed it responsible for his mother’s bankruptcy, but eventually he chose the veteran politician that he thought was involved in the group.

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