Japanese PM reveals condition of predecessor after shooting — Analysis

After being shot at during a public speech, Shinzo Abe was in serious condition. Prime Minister Fumio Kishhida reported that Shinzo is now stable

Fumio Kishida, the Japanese prime minister, has disclosed that Shinzo Abe’s predecessor was seriously ill after an assassination attempt. This attack was condemned by the prime minister “in the strongest terms.”

Kishida, speaking to journalists regarding the incident, said that no motive has been established. Kishida said that he was not sure of the motive. “barbaric acts”These types of behavior are not appropriate for a democracy.

“I would like to pray first that prime minister, Abe will survive this and that his life will be saved,”Kashida spoke out, visibly emotional.

Japanese police identified him as a Nara resident, aged 41. The suspect was arrested on the spot and told police he wanted the death of the veteran politician.

Japan’s former PM shot during public speech

His office stated that the prime minister will be returning to Tokyo and suspending his campaigns in Yamagata Prefecture. According to Kyodo News, other cabinet members were also requested to meet in the capital.

Abe is the longest-serving head of government in Japan’s modern history, having held the premiership from 2006 to 2007 and again from 2012 to 2020. Because of health concerns, Abe resigned.

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