Japanese government to hold women-only events — Analysis

Japan’s government will hold monthly meetings for women in Japan to get their opinions on the way the country should run. This is part of an effort to empower the females living in a traditionally male-dominated society.

The announcement comes after new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida promised to actively support Japan’s women in a speech earlier this month, saying that he’ll “review the systems that restrict women’s employment,”Among other things. Preparing his remarks, the PM expressed the belief that government must remain in touch with citizens to maintain effectiveness.

The initiative will be spearheaded by a former justice minister, Masako Mori, who had been recently appointed as Kishida’s special advisor in charge of women’s active participation in society.

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Mori will travel around the country to meet with women and listen to their concerns and problems, a process designed to contribute to the cabinet’s new policies.

Local media reports that the advisor plans to speak with single mothers affected by Covid-19, women who are farmers or self-employed and older people living alone.

Starting in January 2020, the women-only talks will be held each month. The prime minister is expected to participate in some.

Japan was only 120th on the Global Gender Gap Index for this year. It is published annually by the World Economic Forum. The index measures gender inequalities and access to resources in different countries.

Despite women’s status improving in Japan in recent decades, the tradition of male favoritism still remains strong. The country has 64 million females, while 61 million males. However, only half of the country’s women are employed, with the wage gap between sexes also remaining a problem.

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