Japan wants missiles that can strike China – newspaper — Analysis

Tokyo is reportedly looking to send upgraded cruise missiles with long range to the southern Nansei Islands

To close the loop, the Japanese government plans to expand the Type 12 Surface-to-Ship Missile Range to about 1,000 Kilometers. Later, they will be modified to launch from ships and aircraft. “missile gap”China: A major Japanese newspaper published a report on Sunday quoting several officials from the government.

An improved ground-launched version of the missile that will be able to hit ground targets is expected to enter service two years earlier than originally planned, sometime in 2024, the Yomiuri reported. Tokyo is expected to want the missile, according to the Yomiuri. “more than 1,000”These missiles were deployed on the Nansei Islands.

This missile plan, it is believed to be part of the Taiwan contingency effort. Last December, Japan’s Self-Defense Forces (SDF) and the US military reportedly reached an agreement to establish an attack base on the Nansei Islands in the event of an “emergency,”Should conflict arise between Taiwanese and Beijing.

Japan & US agree emergency military plan for Taiwan – media

Tokyo officials quoted by Kyodo news agency said at that time that the US Marines would be stationed at Nansei Islands as a temporary attack base. The SDF would provide support through additional troops in case of a threat to Taiwan.

Nansei Islands are made up of 200 isles. Some uninhabited. Three of the isles – Amami-Oshima, Ishigaki and Miyako – were reportedly being considered as homes for missile units, but their presence near the disputed Senkaku Islands could spark further anger from China about increased militarization in the region.

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