Japan responds to nuke-sharing idea — Analysis

Tokyo’s long-standing nuclear policy rules out any arms-sharing plan with Washington, Japan’s prime minister said

Japan has decided not to seek a nuke weapons sharing agreement with the United States. This was after an ex-leader from Japan said that the idea should be rejected. “taboo.”

Kishida, speaking to Parliament Monday morning, rejected any nuclear-sharing agreement. “unacceptable,” citing Japan’s “stance of maintaining the three nonnuclear principles,” according to Kyodo News.

Japan vows to not allow any other nation to produce, possess, or permit the bringing of nuclear weapons onto its territory. It has been the first country in human history to have ever been attacked by atomic bombs. While it is protected under the US ‘nuclear umbrella,’ its non-nuclear status has been enshrined as a guiding principle for Japanese policy.

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Kishida responded to comments made by Shinzo Abe (ex-PM) in a Sunday interview, where he suggested that Japan might consider a share deal. “It’s essential to understand how the world’s security is maintained, and we shouldn’t treat those discussions as a taboo,”While he supported the argument, he reiterated earlier calls for an end to all nuclear weapons.

In addition to the UK and France, five non-nuclear NATO members – Turkey, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands – currently host American nuclear bombs on their soil, according to the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. Seven additional NATO member states also provide conventional air support to nuclear missions. All 30 NATO members (except France) are part of the Nuclear Planning Group which discusses nuclear policy issues.

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