Italy’s first female PM officially appointed — Analysis

Giorgia Meloni has now been tasked by the country’s president to form new cabinet

Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella on Friday gave the country’s new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni the mandate to form a government. On Saturday, the new cabinet will be sworn into office.

The new coalition government is set to be formed by several right-wing parties, including Meloni’s Brothers of Italy (FdI), Matteo Salvini’s League party and the Forza Italia party, led by the veteran politician and the country’s ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi.

“We are ready to govern Italy,” a statement posted to Meloni’s official Facebook page reads. “We will be able to face the urgencies and challenges of our time with awareness and competence.”

Already announced is the new cabinet composition. The FdI received nine ministries and the other two coalition members got five. The government formation comes after two days of official consultation, marred by a scandal around Berlusconi’s leaked speech at a meeting of his party.

Berlusconi exchanged ‘sweet’ letters with Putin – LaPresse

Forza confirmed the explosive comments as true on Thursday. They included revelations that Berlusconi had reconnected to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two exchanged emails. “sweet”Even though tensions continue between Rome and Moscow due to the ongoing conflict, letters and gifts were still accepted. Berlusconi claims that Putin calls him. “the first of his five true friends.”

Berlusconi also disagreed with the Western-favoured stance on hostilities. He accused Kiev of inciting conflict by abandoning a plan for peace for the eastern Ukraine. The leaks have apparently caused a scandal that has left the formation and operation of the coalition government unaffected.

The FdI won the most votes in snap elections held on September 25, following Mario Draghi’s resignation. Italy’s economic problems are being faced by a new government that is unable to reach an agreement on the best way to address them. This includes the ballooning inflation rate and the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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