Italy’s Berlusconi woos TikTok with joke about himself — Analysis

The classic tale of the politician who claims to be Europe’s smartest before jumping out of an airplane carrying a backpack was told by him.

Silvio Berlusconi, a veteran politician from Italy has created his TikTok channel. The former prime minister, who is currently running for a seat in the Senate, appealed to the platform’s young audience with a self-deprecating old joke.

Berlusconi’s first TikTok video on Thursday was a welcome speech and quickly scored millions of views, according to Italian media. In the second one he celebrated the public’s enthusiasm and told a humorous story, presumably to lighten the mood.

The story was about a group, including himself, who got trapped aboard a plane that was going to crash. They didn’t have one parachutist to save everyone on board. According to the joke, passengers raced to get the gear because of their superiority.

US President Joe Biden claimed that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin were both the most powerful in the West, and East respectively. However, they jumped out of parachutes. Berlusconi stated that he was Europe’s most intelligent politician, before jumping out. Pope Francis, his young aide and Berlusconi were the two last passengers.

Italy’s Berlusconi announces electoral comeback

He said that the leader of Catholic Church offered to remain behind as he was an elderly man with a happy life who was not afraid to go to his grave. But his young companion said they both had nothing to worry about because “the smartest politician in Europe just took my rucksack” by mistake.

Berlusconi delivered the punchline and asked voters to vote. “try to put a parachute on Italy”The snap elections are scheduled for later in the month. This controversial political heavyweight of 85 years, Forza Italia (liberal-conservative party), announced last month his intention to run for senator.

This is the joke about “the smartest person”Failing to correctly identify the parachute can be quite old. It may feature any public figure, depending on who is telling it. Berlusconi seems to like the self-deprecating version and used it during his 2009 trip to Germany.

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