Italian town hires mystic to fight drought — Analysis

A mystic has been hired by a town in Italy that is suffering from drought to find water using a pendulum. This was during record-breaking heat waves throughout Europe. 

Bajardo, a small town on the Ligurian coast with fewer than 350 people, promised to pay a man named Renato Labolani €300 ($297) to perform a “water survey with an agricultural psychic method,”According to the Municipal Contract.

Labolani practices dowsing – a method of detecting groundwater by using a forked stick, a rod or a pendulum. Many dowsers think they pick up vibrations that are natural to the groundwater beneath the soil. 

“I use a pendulum that tells me everything: where the water is, how much of it there is, how deep it is,”Labolani has over 30 years experience and spoke to Il Foglio Tuesday.

“I ask the question: how much [water]Is it in this region? Five hundred liters. A thousand. Three thousand. I walk as long as the pendulum is moving, and then it stops.”

EU drought ‘worst in 500 years’

Mayor Remo Moraglia told the paper he has faith in Labolani, but is ready to pay the city out of his own pocket if they don’t find a sufficient amount of water. 

“Two out of our five springs have been dry since May,”Mayor Labolani said that he has previously located water sources in nearby Apricale, and two in Bajardo. He said that engineers will investigate the possibility of drilling wells in the areas indicated by the dowser. 

“For now, it’s just a survey,”Moraglia said. “It’s like someone going to a doctor to be told whether he’s well or not.” 

Italy, like Europe, continues to suffer from extreme heat waves, the Liguria area experiencing its longest heat spell in July.  

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