Biden dismisses ‘stupid question’ on Ukraine — Analysis

A Fox correspondent had shouted why the president was “waiting on Putin to make the first move”

On Thursday, a correspondent questioned what she’d apparently perceived as a lack of action by the administration against Moscow, only to get a dismissive characterization by the president. 

“Why are you waiting on [Russia’s President Vladimir] Putin to make the first move, Sir?”Jacqui Heinrich, Fox News reporter shouted while being escorted from a meeting Biden had with his science-technology advisory team PCAST. He gave an offhand answer that was heard by the microphone: “What a stupid question.”

President Joe Biden is continuing to take flak from critics over the remark he’d made earlier this week during his big interview about a hypothetical “minor incursion”Russia into Ukraine

Biden implied that Russia’s small-scale military actions against Ukraine would be possible without US reprisal during Wednesday’s two-hour conference. Within an hour of the end, the White House made a retraction and stated that the US could not retaliate against Russia for small-scale military action. “cyberattacks and paramilitary tactics”Washington could take punitive measures against Russia.

White House backtracks on Biden’s ‘minor incursion’ remark

Biden’s ‘minor incursion’ remark was not only criticized by hawks and critics of the president at home, but was also commented-on unfavorably by the leader of Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky made it knownOn Twitter, he said he felt aggrieved and told the “great power” that there were “no minor incursions and small nations”He was proud of himself. “the president of a great power.”

US claims that Russia might launch a military attack on Ukraine anytime and threatens to impose severe economic sanctions to prevent this. Moscow denies any plans to attack Ukraine.

While Biden apparently considers preemptive action against Russia a ‘stupid’ idea, some politicians in the US seem to prefer such an escalation. Republican Senator Roger Wicker last month advocated an unrestricted military approach to the conflict and suggested that the US shouldn’t rule out the use of nuclear weapons against Russia in a first-strike launch.

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