Italian riot police fire tear gas, water cannon at anti-Covid health pass protesters blocking Trieste port (VIDEOS) — RT World News

Police in northeastern Italy deployed tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters staging a sit-in at Trieste port in opposition to the introduction of the country’s ‘Green Pass’ Covid health document.

In September, the Italian government passed a law requiring that all employees show a Covid Green Pass. This is proof of their recent virus recovery, vaccination status or negative test results. This was the first European move to implement the most stringent Covid guidelines. 

Police demanded that protesters vacate the area four days after they began at the port. “in the name of the law,”before using tear gas and water cannon. As demonstrators gathered, they could be heard shouting “liberty! liberty!”And “people like us never give up!”

The sit-in protest has been ongoing since Friday, with the port’s president Zeno D’Agostino declaring on Sunday, ahead of the police operation, that “the situation can no longer be tolerated”The region has a lot of needs “a port that works.”

Protesters claim they will hold another protest at Trieste port, October 30. “all of Italy”If the government insists on Covid Pass for workers.

Estimates have suggested that around 40% of the workers at Trieste’s port are not vaccinated, according to Stefano Puzzer of the Port Workers Coordination of Trieste, with a segment of the city’s population opposing the vaccination program. An anti-vaccine party dominated 4.5% of the voters at the Mayoral Elections earlier this month. 

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Opposition is growing against Italy’s heavy-handed imposition of mandatory Covid vaccine passes for ALL workplaces

Massimiliano Fedriga the regional governor, expressed concern about the disruption caused by the protest and necessity for police intervention at Trieste port. Trieste is an important shipping hub in Italy. Protests similar to those in Genoa were also observed at another port important in Italy. There, protestors blocked trucks from entering, creating an issue that could spread across Italy.

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