Israeli spy network exposed – reports

The alleged operatives were in direct contact with Mossad, Iran’s intelligence ministry says

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence claimed on Saturday to have arrested “a network of agents”Israel, who were allegedly planning to prepare “sabotage and terrorist operations.”After Israel had announced that it had arrested an Iranian military agent on Iranian territory, hours later the announcement was made.

These spies are alleged “were in contact with agents of the Mossad spy-terrorist organization,” Iran’s Tasnim News Agency reported, referring to the national intelligence agency of Israel. According to reports, the agents entered Israel from Kurdistan. They were in possession communications equipment and explosives.

The Israelis were allegedly collaborating with the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran, a militant group that opposes Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s rule. 

When the Jerusalem Post reached out to Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, they refused to comment. 

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FILE PHOTO. Iran's uranium-enriching centrifuges.
Iran says it’s capable of building nuclear bomb

The alleged arrests were not made public by Israeli officials, but they claim a victory in espionage. An earlier Saturday incident occurred Iran InternationalReports claimed that Mossad agents in Iran were able to question a high ranking member of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. A video of an interrogation purportedly showing the confession of the military officer to the weapons transfer to Syria and Iraq as well as Lebanon, was captured by the Mossad.

Iran International is an Iranian-owned television station. It is strongly critical of Iran’s government. According to the network, a similar interrogation took place in June. However, Iranian state media blamed unnamed Iranians for the kidnapping of and questioning.

Iran and Israel regularly accuse each other of espionage, and both nations often claim to have captured each other’s spies. If these reports are to be believed, Iranian and Israeli intelligence agencies have significantly compromised each other’s security. 

Iran claimed that three Mossad agents were captured by it in June “tasked with the assassination of nuclear scientists,” while Israel said in January that it had busted a predominantly-female Iranian spy ring that collected damaging information on Israeli politicians, as well as photographing military bases and Mossad’s headquarters.



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