Israeli officer to be stationed in Arab country in historic first — Analysis

Bahrain confirmed on Saturday that an Israeli officer will be posted to the country in the coming weeks – the first time that an Israeli officer has ever been stationed in an Arab country with that country’s support. This officer is expected to act as a liaison for the US Navy.

“The appointment of an Israeli officer comes within the framework of arrangements related to an international coalition, comprising more than thirty-four countries,” Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, as cited by Bahrain News Agency (BNA).

This coalition “secures freedom of navigation in the territorial waters of the region and protects International trade,”While also “confronting acts of piracy and terrorism in the region,”Continued the statement

Earlier reports in the Israeli media suggested that the unnamed officer would travel to the island kingdom to serve as a liaison to the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet. The move was reportedly agreed upon during Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s visit to Bahrain last week, where he was presented with a ceremonial sword. Two nations signed the security cooperation agreement during the visit, marking the first such deal between an Israeli nation and a Gulf country.

The Israel Defense Forces, (IDF), has not yet confirmed this appointment. The IDF stated that they were still discussing the issue and that Tel Aviv would be the next stop. ”constantly examining opportunities to deepen military cooperation with the countries of the region.”

Relations between Israel and Bahrain have been improving significantly over the past few years. The two countries established diplomatic relations in September 2020. This is the so-called “normalization”Former US President Donald Trump brokered the agreement and announced it from his White House.

In 2021, Bahrain dispatched its first ambassador to Israel, while Israel opened an embassy in Bahrain’s capital.

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