Israeli missile strikes near Damascus leave 2 soldiers wounded – Syrian media — RT World News

Syria’s SANA news agency reports that Israel attacked targets near Damascus in Syria, injuring two soldiers. According to the agency, several missiles were also destroyed mid-air.

SANA, which cited a military source, reported that Israel had launched several missiles out of the West Bank from its northern flank at targets located in Damascus’ countryside just after 11AM local time Saturday. 

The source said the country’s ground defense forces “repelled”The attack included the destruction of several missiles mid-air and two soldiers being wounded. Israel did not comment on this matter. 

Damascus accuses Israel of having attacked its territories in the past. Tel Aviv alleges that Iran is attacking its civilians and military on Syrian soil. Israel admitted that in 2017 it attacked over 200 Syrian targets linked to Iran. 

Last year, the Israel Defense Forces said it had launched airstrikes on Syrian military targets after allegedly finding explosive devices planted on the Israeli-occupied part of Syria’s Golan Heights. 

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US drone strike in northwest Syria killed ‘senior Al-Qaeda leader’ – CENTCOM

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