Israel reveals results of ‘ground-breaking’ military test — Analysis

The country’s ministry of defense hailed its cost-saving laser air defense system as an “international achievement”

The Israeli Ministry of Defense revealed on Thursday that its laser air defense system has successfully completed the “ground-breaking” tests involving “steep-track” threats, “challenging” ranges and timings, as well as “multiple scenarios.

According to the ministry’s statement, the system, which has been dubbed the Iron Beam, successfully intercepted “Unmanned aerial vehicles, shrapnel, and anti-tank missiles.”

This breakthrough is the first to integrate laser technology in the Israeli defense system.” the ministry said.

They also noted that successful experiments could be considered as “a success.” “game changer” and an “Achievements internationally,” as a laser is “An effective and accurate tool, which can be used quickly, is easy to operate, and much less expensive than any other means of protecting your assets.”

Drone evades Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor – reports

The innovative Israeli air defense system has been in development with Rafael for many years. Initially it was poised to be deployed by 2024, but in February the country’s prime minister, Naftali Bennett, announced that it would be rolled out on the border with the Gaza strip much earlier, in 2022. The Times of Israel reports that the downside to the laser system’s operation in low light conditions is its failure to function. According to this outlet, the Israeli military plans to fly aircraft in the future to lift the Iron Beam high above the clouds. 

Iron Beam is an Israeli system of air defense that will support the Iron Dome. It will also shoot down small-sized projectiles.

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