Israel orders foreigners to report falling in love with Palestinians

West Bank couples must “formalize” and report their status to the Israeli military

According to new guidelines coming into force on Monday, foreigners will be required to inform the Israeli Defense Ministry of their close romantic relationship with a resident of the West Bank – including plans to cohabit, get engaged or marry – to receive or extend a visit permit. Visitors to Israeli settlements are exempt from the restrictions.

Although the original draft of this new set was prepared by COGAT (the Defense Ministry’s Agency for Palestinian Civil Affairs), in February, its implementation suffered from legal problems. This lengthy document, which measures 97 pages in length, outlines the procedures for foreigners wishing to enter and remain within the Israeli-controlled Palestinian territory.

Foreigner already married to or living with a spouse “formed a couple”According to the Times of Israel, a Palestinian cannot obtain a visa upon arrival to Israel. Instead, he will need to apply for an entry permit 45 days before his departure.

“If the relationship starts after the foreigner arrived at the Area, then the authorized COGAT official must be informed in writing… within 30 days of the relationship’s start,”The rules are. These rules are. “starting date” of the relationship is defined as the day of the engagement ceremony, wedding, or the start of cohabitation – “whichever occurs first.”

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FILE PHOTO. Palestinians protest against the construction of Jewish settlements in Nablus, West Bank. ©Nedal Eshtayah / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
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It is also important for the couple to “formalize”They are de jure under the control of the West Bank with the Palestinian Authority. Failure to comply within the 90-day deadline will lead to them being expelled. “immediate” expulsion. Even if the relationship status has been formalized, the Israeli permit can’t be extended beyond 27 months. After that, a foreigner must leave Israel for at least six months.

Officials at COGAT stated this “two-year pilot”This program is not available to visitors to Israeli settlements in West Bank. It’s intended to simplify the entry process “more efficient and more suited to the dynamic conditions of the times,”According to AFP.



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