Israel confirms Gaza ceasefire — Analysis

Israel announced a ceasefire with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which will take place at 11:31pm (local time). This ceasefire ends the three-day-long conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), which saw the leadership of the PIJ destroyed and dozens of Palestinians killed.

In an official statement, the Jewish state’s Public Diplomacy Directorate said that it would halt its air campaign on Gaza, but would strike back “forcefully”If the truce breaks down.

“We will not allow any party to disturb the daily lives of residents in Israel,”This is the statement.

This confirmation was made shortly after the PIJ stated that it had accepted the deal. It was negotiated through Egyptian mediators. 

According to Israel Defense Forces, 96% of the rockets launched by the PIJ into Israel were stopped by the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system. Israel launched airstrikes against PIJ observation points and launch sites, just as it did since Operation Breaking Dawn began on Friday.

IDF publishes video of alleged deadly rocket misfire in Gaza

An airstrike was launched on an apartment block in Gaza, killing Taysir Al-Jabari, a senior PIJ commander. Other strikes targeted the group’s observation posts, warehouses, and launch sites, while another senior PIJ commander was killed by an airstrike on Saturday night, the IDF stated on Sunday.

Palestinian officials say that at least 41 people have been killed in Gaza since Friday – among them six children – while more than 265 have been wounded. At least 9 of the deaths were attributed to Israel, with IDF blaming a Palestinian rocket for not being launched.

The Friday announcement came shortly after Prime Minister Yair lapid claimed that Operation Breaking Dawn was ineffective because the IDF has achieved all of its Gaza objectives.

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