Israel carries out new attack on Aleppo airport – Syrian media — Analysis

At least one missile reportedly struck the runway of Syria’s second-largest airport

Aleppo International Airport was hit again by at least one missile in a second assault within a span of one week. “several”Syrian air defenses shot them down, Damascus state media reported Tuesday night, and blamed Israel for the attack.

“Israeli aggression targeted the Aleppo airport,”The Syrian Arab News Agency added that the air defenses were being strengthened Tuesday. “shot down a number”of missiles that were fired over the Mediterranean Sea from international airspace.

At least 5 missiles were used in the strike, which took out Aleppo’s airport. out of serviceAccording to multiple local reports, the information could not independently be confirmed.

Tuesday evening’s attack is the second strike against the Aleppo airport in the space of a week. Some Israeli missiles escaped the Syrian air defences and struck the runway, causing damage and disablement. Although the Damascus airport was also damaged, it continued to operate.

Israel bombed two Syrian airports – Russia

Russian military says that the 16 projectiles Israel fired at this time were missiles, glide bombs, and rockets. According to Syrian authorities, the Aleppo runway will be fixed by Friday.

Aleppo’s airport was only opened to civilian traffic after it had been severely damaged during fighting between Western-backed rebels and the Syrian government. Following a series Israeli strikes that damaged Damascus Airport runway, civilian flights into and out of Syria were routed through Aleppo.

Israel repeatedly attacked Syria using missiles. Rarely has the Israeli government acknowledged these attacks. It has described them in preemptive self defense against Iran. Recent years have seen Tehran offer military support to Damascus against Islamic State (formerly ISIS terrorists) and other extremist militants.

Syria denounced the strikes and declared them illegal. Last week, the UN was informed by Damascus’ Foreign Ministry that Israel would be attacking Syria. “bear all legal, moral, political and financial responsibilities for deliberately targeting the international airports of Damascus and Aleppo and for endangering civilian facilities and lives.”

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