5 Ways To Provide Excellent Customer Service

Regardless of what kind of industry you’re in, providing fantastic customer service is a goal that any business can benefit from. Good customer service doesn’t just bring in new customers because of word of mouth, but it also retains customers and keeps them coming back. 

Take a look at some of the best ways to provide excellent customer service at your business. 

Know What Your Customer Needs Before They Do 

The mark of excellent customer service is someone who knows what their customer needs before they even do. This can mean anything from suggesting an additional product or subscription to having a cash machine on hand for customers who may not like to use their credit card. It’s all about providing services and products for your customers that they might not even realize they need yet. 

A Friendly Smile 

A lot of businesses may make the mistake of believing that a smile is only required for face to face customer interaction. However, studies show that customers can sense a smile even over the phone. 

Get into the habit of smiling at your customers when you interact with them, and you’ll find your exchange is completely transformed. 

Be Knowledgeable 

There is nothing more frustrating and less professional than a customer sales representative who has no idea what they’re selling. In order to provide great service for your customer, you should be able to answer any questions that they have.  

Whether they are interested in troubleshooting or learning about additional features on a product. Ideally, you should have the answers for them without having to ask someone else. Your customers will greatly appreciate your knowledge and professionalism. 

Be A Good Listener 

One of the biggest frustrations that customers have with customer service representatives is that they feel they do not listen. It’s important that you lend an ear to your customer whether they’re praising you or complaining. 

Customers just want to be listened to. Listening to them will show that you value what they have to say. 

Be Sincere 

There’s something to be said about being friendly with customers. Most people appreciate a little extra effort to make conversation and be pleasant. However, there’s a fine line between coming across as being friendly and coming across as insincere.

When trying to provide excellent customer service, make sure that you don’t come off as phony. You will tend to turn customers off and make them feel like you may even be mocking them. 

Ask Questions 

In addition to listening to them, you should also ask questions.  You can ask all sorts of questions from, “Is there anything else I can help you with today? to, “Are there any questions about this product or service that I can help you with?”  Going the extra mile will always pay off!


Chadney is a journalist, the author of several books and the former editor of Cosmopotrist Magazine. She has also written for a variety of high-profile publications. Helen is the co-founder of The Writing Salon, which aims to help writers of all levels achieve their goals.

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