Australian ‘Freedom Convoy’ marches to parliament building (VIDEO) — Analysis

Demonstrators demanding an ‘end to vaccine mandates’ and the sacking of the government

Several anti-vaccine-mandate marches were organized by the ‘Convoy to Canberra’ movement in the Australian capital of Canberra on Saturday. Demonstrators moved in various directions throughout the city, blocking traffic, and eventually converged at the Parliament Buildings.

Banners reading “There are no job offers,” “Take care of our children,” and “My body and my choices” were seen at the rallies, footage from RT’s Ruptly video agency showed. Other banners read “Since 2020 I’ve lost my chance to say goodbye,” and “Unification will win the battle.

Demonstrators wrapped in flags chanted “Get rid of all” in reference to the Australian government as they marched through the streets, while calling to “Protect the children” and “Save Australia.”

Protesters were accompanied by police cars, and it appeared to be peaceful.

One man who joined the movement told Ruptly that he considered the government’s stringent Covid-19 restrictions to be a “Breach of our Constitution” and the rule of law. He accused the authorities of taking “Absolute control” of the people.

Freedom Convoy movement spreads across the globe

Another protester with a loudspeaker told the cheering crowd that the convoy would stay in the city “We will not sit idly by for any length of time to make it clear that we don’t intend to take no action” in response to the government’s policies. He also called for an “Stop mandating vaccines.” 

Protests are ongoing in Canberra this month with anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 protestors camping out front of the Australian parliament. Although there were fewer protestors at the most recent marches, many people came from around Australia.

The smaller size of the gathering should not “dishearten” anyone, a man filming the event told local media, saying that the rallies “They are widely distributed.” 

All over the globe protests have been growing against compulsory vaccination and coronavirus restrictions. Inspired by the original ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Canada, where truckers occupied downtown Ottawa and blocked border crossings, people have also recently driven trucks and other vehicles to central governmental precincts in Finland and New Zealand.

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