Iraqi Shia group’s spokesperson calls ‘assassination attempt’ on PM ‘fabricated’ incident — RT World News

According to a spokesperson from an Iraqi Shia militia, the assassination plot against Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi may have been staged in order distract attention from reports of the deaths of protesters.

In a series of posts on Sunday, Mahmoud Al-Rubaie, the spokesperson for Iraq’s Sadiqoun political bloc, claimedIt is possible that this incident was a false flag operation cover up the government’s crackdown on people protesting the results of the recent parliamentary election.

“My expectation is [that] it is a fabricated explosion… with the aim of covering up yesterday’s crimes and preoccupying public opinion,”Al-Rubaie stated in a statement. Translated by Al Arabiya English

Drone hits home of Iraqi PM in ‘failed assassination attempt’ amid election protests

Al-Rubaie said the US air defense systems failed to thwart the attack, which took place within Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone, where the prime minister’s residence and foreign diplomatic compounds are located. Authorities were “not able to present a convincing scenario” of Sunday’s events, he tweeted.

On Sunday, Iraqi security forces said that the prime minster was attacked in his home by an armed group. “booby-trapped drone”In a “failed assassination attempt.” There were also reports on social media of gunfire and sirens coming from Baghdad’s Green Zone around the time of the reported attack. Al-Kadhimi was later seen looking unscathed and called for help. “calm and restraint from everyone”For “the sake of Iraq.”

Prime Minister said that he did not sustain any injuries during the incident.

The attack took place in the aftermath of violent protests in Baghdad against the results of last month’s parliamentary election, in which pro-Iranian Shia parties took heavy losses. Protesters claimed voter fraud and certain parties declined to accept the election results.

Police and protestors demanding a recount of Friday’s vote erupted in a clash that left both parties with multiple injuries and led to the deaths of several people. Al-Kadhimi charged a special commission to look into the matter on Saturday. “circumstances that led to the death and injuries of demonstrators and the security forces.”The prime minister supported compensation for those who were injured by the protest and stated that he would supervise the investigation.

Sadiqoun is part of both the pro-Iranian Fatah Alliance Shia parties as well the political wing Shia paramilitary Asaib Ahl al-Haq (also known the Khazali Network). The Fatah Alliance lost more than half of its parliamentary seats in last month’s election.
Speaking at a funeral procession on Saturday, the leader of the Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia, Qais al-Khazali, blamed the Al-Kadhimi government for the protesters’ deaths.

“The blood of martyrs is to hold you accountable,”According to AP, al-Khazali stated these words. “The protesters only had one demand against fraud in elections. Responding like this (with live fire) means you are the first responsible for this fraud.” is also available
‘Act of terrorism’: US offers to assist investigation into Iraqi PM alleged assassination attempt

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