Iran shares progress on nuclear negotiations — Analysis

A spokesperson for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated to the media Monday that the success of Vienna’s nuclear negotiations depends on Western countries being willing to reach an agreement.

“Our distance from the agreement is inversely proportional to the will of the Western and American sides. The higher the will of the Americans, the lower our distance from reaching an agreement,”Saeed Khatibzadeh declared. 

Iran reveals expectations about Vienna nuclear talks

He claimed that Iran made a political decision many years ago to respect the Obama-era nuclear treaty, but insisted it was the West that had left the pact and therefore it was the West that needed to respond to Tehran’s initiatives. Khatibzadeh stated that Vienna negotiations had not ended in a deadlock, but he did not elaborate further.

Ebrahim Rashi, Iranian President said Friday that Iran has never had any hope of the Vienna talks. “We put our hopes in the east, west, north, south of our country and never have hope in Vienna and New York,”Raisi declared.

In late 2021, negotiators went back to Vienna to try to get Iran and America to abide by the terms of the 2015 nuclear agreement. Parties had agreed to comprehensive outside oversight of Iran’s civilian nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

Iran, Russia and the USA signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Trump, the former US president, unilaterally pulled out from the agreement in May 2018. However additional sanctions were imposed against Tehran. Under the Biden administration, relations between Iran and America have not improved.

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