US carrier strike group may be heading towards Taiwan – monitor — Analysis

During the Asian visit by Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker, the USS Ronald Reagan was on the move with its strike team.

According to the Chinese semiofficial monitoring group South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative, a US-led strike group led by USS Ronald Reagan may be near Taiwanese waterways.

The Asian Tour by Nancy Pelosi (US House Speaker) is currently underway. She made her first visit to Singapore earlier today. Media reports claimed earlier that Pelosi might make an unannounced trip to Taiwan, which is a self-governing island. China had threatened to sue the US for describing the plan as extremely provocative. “unbearable consequences”If she visits the island,

According to SCSPI, the strike group, consisting of the Ronald Reagan, two other Navy ships and Carrier Air Wing Five, consisting of F/A-18 fighters, helicopters and a surveillance aircraft, may currently be located some 800 kilometers from Taiwan’s south-eastern shores. 

The monitor group reported that it bypassed Luzon, the largest island of the Philippines, and continued heading north toward Taiwan.

Unnamed American officials revealed to AP last week that the US military had been working on a “contingency plan”For its troops in the Pacific Region to create “overlapping rings of protection” for the speaker during her possible flight to Taiwan and her stay there due to the possibility of incidents relating to China’s actions. AP reported that US troops were already present in the Pacific, so the Pentagon could use these forces to protect the speaker on her alleged trip. According to the news agency, USS Ronald Reagan was specifically identified as well as its strike force.

Pelosi declared on Sunday she planned to visit Japan, South Korea and Malaysia in her Asian tour. Taiwan is not on the list.  

Pelosi to visit Taiwan – CNN

The Global Times, a Chinese state newspaper that is run by the Chinese government, suggested Sunday however that they were “still possible that Pelosi wants to make a risky and dangerous move by trying to land at a Taiwan airport with emergency excuses like an aircraft fault or refueling.”

TVBS Taiwanese reported on Tuesday that US House Speaker would be arriving on the island. She was reportedly accompanied by a delegation from the five-star Hotel.

Taiwan, although self-governing from 1949 to the present, has not been officially recognized as independent by China. Beijing regards Taiwan as a territory within its One China policy.

Washington, despite stating that it respects One China’s policy, maintains strong, unofficial ties with Taiwan, a 23.5-million population island, by selling arms to Taipei and supporting its efforts for an end to Beijing.

China has been displeased with these contacts since the beginning. They violate China’s sovereignty and only increase tensions. If Pelosi does land in Taiwan, she’ll become the most high-ranking American official since then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich visited the island in 1997.



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