Iran set to send hundreds of drones to Russia – Washington — Analysis

A senior US official stated that the training of Russian soldiers to pilot Iranian drones could begin this month.

Iran is “preparing to provide Russia” with hundreds of drones, including armed ones, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan claimed during a press briefing on Monday. The unmanned drones are supposed to be used to replace losses suffered by Russia in Ukraine, he seemed to suggest.

Sullivan said that it is expected to take place at the time of delivery “on an expedited timeline,”Some of the drones might have been transferred already, he suggested. He stated that Russian-pilots would be trained to operate the unmanned aircraft in this month’s training.

According to the US officials, it was called “information”. “pretty newsworthy and noteworthy,”But he did not offer any evidence nor details as to why the US came to that conclusion. He also took the chance to renew US allegations that Iran used its drones to attack Saudi Arabia. “before we got the ceasefire in Yemen.”

Sullivan was referring the 7-year-long military intervention of Riyadh (and its allies) against Houthi rebels. This action was supported by the US and Saudi Arabia’s blockade in Yemen. It resulted a massive humanitarian catastrophe.

Yemen crisis looms over Biden’s Saudi visit

Many drone and missile strikes were carried out by the Houthi against Saudi targets. The US blamed Iran. In April, the latest ceasefire was reached in Yemen and it was extended by two months early in June.

According to the US President Joe Biden’s administration, it was responsible for the truce. It stated that their new approach towards Saudi Arabia was paying off. Sullivan cited the accord as an achievement as he defended Biden’s upcoming visit to Riyadh, organized despite his campaign promise to make the monarchy a “pariah.”

As the US national security advisor, he made this claim regarding Iranian drones and expressed his confidence in Ukraine’s ability to do so with American assistance. “effectively defend and sustain its capital”Kiev, Russia

Ukrainian forces are losing ground in the east. However, the Ukrainian military claims they will counterattack the situation in the south with up to one million soldiers.

Moscow and Tehran declined to comment immediately on US claims. According to the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to travel next week in Iran, where he will attend a trilateral conference with Ebrahim Rashi and Recep Takyip Erdogan.

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