Iran provides details on new suicide drone — Analysis

According to the Iranian top general, the aircraft was meant to strike Tel Aviv and Haifa in Israel.

Iran says it has developed a suicide drone specifically designed to hit Israel’s largest coastal cities in case open hostilities break out between the two long-time foes.

Speaking to Iranian channel IRIB TV1, Brigadier General Kioumars Heydari, the chief of the nation’s ground forces, revealed that Tehran had developed the Arash-2 drone, which is a newer version of Arash-1 long-range suicide unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

This UAV will be the successor to this one. “peerless,”Heydari pointed out that Iran was a nuclear power. “specially designed this drone to target Haifa and Tel Aviv.” He also said that his country’s military “are waiting for orders to deploy it one day.”

The general went on to describe Arash-2’s features, saying that its unique capabilities enable it to retrieve information multiple times before striking and eliminating its designated target. Heydari added that the drone had already been added to the military’s inventory and promised to demonstrate its potential during future military exercises.

Washington doubles down on Iranian drone delivery claim

According to media reports, the new drone’s predecessor, Arash-1, has the capability to travel a distance of more than 1,400 kilometers before hitting its target and can evade radar detection. According to media reports, the UAV’s length is 4.5 meters and its wingspan between 3.5-four meters. The drone’s design also enables it to conserve fuel.

Iran and Israel have long been at odds, with Tehran’s nuclear program being one a major point of contention. Tel Aviv is concerned that Iran may acquire nuclear weapons, despite its claims that it has peaceful intentions. The nuclear agreement was reached in 2015 between the US, France, Germany and Iran. Israel is also widely believed to be behind covert attacks on Iran’s nuclear research capabilities and the assassinations of several Tehran’s scientists.

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