Stark new projections for Europe’s winter Covid deaths revealed — Analysis

Over 2 million people could die of Covid-19 in Europe this winter, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned in its latest forecast, adding that most of the countries’ health systems could be overwhelmed.

Around half of the 53 nations comprising the WHO’s European Region could face a period of “high or extreme stress”The UN’s health watchdog stated Tuesday that hospital beds will be reduced this winter. In all other cases, the UN health watchdog stated that intensive care units in most hospitals would experience a minimum of. “high or extreme stress”As well.

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WHO outlines plan to ‘turn the tide’ on pandemic

According to the WHO, the reported deaths due to Covid-19 poisoning in this region have doubled from late September to close to 4200 per day last week. If current trends persist, it is possible that they will surpass 2.2million by spring next year.

This was due to the high-transmissible Delta strain that is still prevalent in the area, according to the international organization. Others include high levels of unvaccinated individuals, decreased vaccine-induced protection against the disease and the relaxation of Covid-19 regulations by governments in the lead up to winter.

“In order to live with this virus and continue our daily lives, we need to take a ‘vaccine plus’ approach. This means getting the standard doses of vaccine, taking a booster if offered, as well as incorporating preventive measures into our normal routines,”Hans Henri Kluge is the WHO Regional Director for Europe.

He encouraged everyone to continue to wear masks, and to avoid crowded or confined areas.

WHO stated that “countries should also consider giving a booster dose to those aged over 60 and health-care workers, as a precautionary measure.”

“Today, the Covid-19 situation across Europe and central Asia is very serious. We face a challenging winter ahead,”Kluge urged individuals and national health officials to take action. “take decisive action to stabilize the pandemic.”

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