Americans name most urgent issues in new poll — Analysis

Americans’ most urgent issues include economic woes, border policy and the pandemic coronavirus.

At the top of this list is inflation “urgent issues”Americans are followed by Covid-19 and immigration. A new poll found that independents, Democrats, and Republicans share many of the same financial worries.

Quinnipiac University released Wednesday a new survey asking respondents to rate the “most urgent”There are many issues facing this country. 27% of respondents named inflation first. 12% mentioned immigration. 10% said Covid-19 was a pandemic.

The US has seen inflation rise 7.5% in the past year, making it the highest inflation level for four decades. While 36% of Republicans put inflation at the top of their list of concerns – the most pressing issue for GOP respondents – Democrats also see rising prices as a problem, with 13% naming it as their top issue. With 17% and 16% respective, inflation was ranked higher by Democrats than it was for climate change and election law. 

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In the meantime, 32% of independent voters cited inflation as their most pressing concern. They were followed by Covid-19 (10%) and immigration (9%).

The same survey showed that nearly 60% of respondents say the country’s economy is getting worse, while 15% said it’s improving and 25% believe it’s remained the same – a more negative assessment than previous polling conducted one month ago, in which 54% said they thought the economy was tanking.

The public’s opinion on President Joe Biden, his office and actions continues to fall. While a January 12 poll showed a 53% overall disapproval rating, in Wednesday’s survey that figure rose to 55%. On six key issues – the Supreme Court, Covid-19 response, foreign policy, tensions with Russia, gun violence and the economy – the president received universally negative scores, with a greater number of respondents disapproving of his performance in each area.

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