International Space Station rotating 57 degrees mid-orbit during engine test of spacecraft bringing back Russian film crew — RT World News

An error during the engine testing of Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft caused the International Space Station to accidentally rotate 57 degrees. The video from the incident is now available online.

The footage from NASA’s broadcast on Friday captured the ISS changing its position towards the Earth quite significantly, prompting the American astronauts to sound a distress call.

A Soyuz MS-18 engine thrust caused the station to rotate. It had previously been docked at the ISS. Russian cosmonauts tested the spacecraft in preparation for its scheduled return from orbit. This problem was immediately fixed. also available
International Space Station accidentally rotates 57 degrees mid-orbit while hosting director & actress filming milestone movie 

This happened as Russian actress Yulia Pesild was aboard the ISS working on their first feature film in space.

The two safely made it back to Earth aboard the Soyuz MS-18 on Sunday, bringing with them 30 terabytes of footage to be used in the upcoming flick ‘The Challenge’. also available
Back to Earth: Soyuz capsule with Russian crew lands successfully in Kazakhstan

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