Intentionally contracting Covid for ‘natural immunity’ may land you in jail for 5 years — Analysis

Contracting Covid-19 on purpose to gain natural immunity is a criminal offense that could result in up to five years in prison, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health warned in response to the rise of infection “parties.”

After the announcement that Covid-19-infected people were being organized by vaccine skeptics in an attempt to get a certificate of vaccination for naturally infected patients, the FOPH stated that intentional spreading of the virus could lead to a prolonged prison sentence.

The reason for the strict ban is that by purposefully catching Covid-19, people increase the risk of spreading the virus further to others, potentially raising the number of hospitalizations and deaths, Radio Télévision Suisse reports.

Neuchâtel canton doctor Claude-François Robert “strongly advised against self-infection”In an interview Wednesday, she claimed that “nothing can be controlled with natural infection,”That was all there was “10 times more risk of myocarditis by natural infection than by the vaccine.”The vaccine can be a “safe product,”He assured them.

Switzerland likely to hold vote on compulsory vaccination

Last week, Switzerland announced that people who have been vaccinated and had just recovered from Covid-19 wouldn’t be allowed to enter bars and restaurants indoors starting December 20.

The restrictions, according to the government were not necessary. “intended to reduce the risk of unimmunised people from becoming infected as they are also more likely to pass on the virus and become seriously ill.”

But, it appears that this move has backfired. According to reports, there have been an increase in infections parties to allow the unvaccinated to live normal lives. According to The Local vaccination skeptics looking for a certificate of infection have started organizing themselves on social media. “looking for contaminated people who can transmit the virus to them.”

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