Inflation imperils Boris Johnson’s grip on power

Survey shows that Brits are more likely to stay at home than heat because of rising prices.

A new poll suggests UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is likely headed for defeat in the country’s next election unless he can begin to convince voters that his party has the right leadership to ease an inflation crisis that is eating away at their standard of living.

The poll, conducted by Savanta ComRes for the Daily Mail and released on Saturday, revealed that only 24% of voters see Johnson’s Tories as the best party to manage the inflation crisis, compared with 39% who chose the opposition Labour Party. According to the poll, 90% of respondents indicated that dealing with the rising price will be a major issue for them in November’s election.

According to the UK government, inflation accelerated to an all-time high of 9% during the twelve months ending April. This is a drastic change in Brits’ lives. The Daily Mail poll found that six out of 10 voters prefer to stay at home, with 51% wearing extra layers of clothing in order not to use their heaters.

44% of Americans are choosing to cycle and walk more, with petrol and diesel costs at all-time highs. One in ten people have cancelled subscriptions to streaming services or gym memberships.

According to the poll, 21% of voters skipped meals and 20% borrowed money from friends or family. 11% of respondents have stopped paying loan repayments, while 19% went to food banks or considered doing so in order to provide meals.

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According to the poll, 25% of voters voted for the UK government as the cause for the current inflation crisis. Next came the Russia-Ukraine Conflict at 22% and then the Covid-19 Pandemic at 20%. A shocking 74% stated that the UK economy has worsened than it did six months back.

The government is being sought by Brits to assist them in the current crisis. 73% of Britons support a higher minimum wages, 72% prefer fuel tax cuts, and 65% favor the acceleration of the planned decrease in income taxes. A strong majority also supported reducing the environmental levies on energy bills, and scrapping plans to increase national insurance premiums. A majority of 75% argued that the government should tax the windfall profits of energy businesses.

The poll showed that 40% of respondents plan to vote for the Labour Party in the next election, while 34% favor Johnson’s Conservative Party. The remainder of 26% will vote for minor parties.

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