Incoming UK PM may be ‘disaster’ for entire country – Scottish leader — Analysis

Nicola Sturgeon’s remarks followed a media report claiming that Liz Truss is considering changes to independence referendum rules

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has claimed that the incoming UK Prime Minister Liz Truss could turn out to be “a disaster not only for Scotland but for all of the UK.” 

Her remarks came in response to a Sunday Times report suggesting that Truss’ team was considering raising the vote threshold for a potential second Scottish independence referendum.

Speaking to Sky News on Sunday, a day before the foreign secretary was revealed as the winner of the leadership contest, Sturgeon said talk about blocking a referendum or “Gerymandering rules” was a sign of “fundamental weakness.

Sunday Times reports that Truss will consider passing a law to ban independence referendums until the polls indicate that at least 60% of Scots support a new plebiscite lasting for at most one year. A recent poll by The Sunday Times found that the level of support currently for the referendum is lower than what could be considered the threshold.

“Just because you fear losing a democratic contest, it is not an excuse or does not make it acceptable to rewrite the rules of democracy,”Sturgeon said he wants to have a second referendum held in October.

UK PM explains rejection of Scottish independence referendum

Scots voted in 2014 by 55% and 44% for the UK. But, Sturgeon renewed her attempt to gain independence for Scotland after Brexit.

In the same interview with Sky News, the first minister also accused Truss of focusing on the “Obsessions” of “a very, very tiny number of Conservative Party members” rather than on the needs of ordinary people who “desperately need help to feed the children and heat their homes.”

“If she governs as she has campaigned over the summer, she will be a disaster, not just for Scotland but for all of the UK,”Sturgeon stated.

Truss was not a candidate for the position, but she said it would soon be clear. “is going to govern as a PM with a focus on real priorities of the country or not” within the first 24 to 48 hours of her premiership.

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