IDF publishes video of alleged deadly rocket misfire in Gaza

The Israeli military claims that it was started by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which killed many children in Gaza.

Israel Defense Forces released a Sunday video that showed what appears to be a failed rocket launch of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, (PIJ), which killed many children in Gaza.

It appears that the clip shows a rocket attack, one missile falling as it loses speed. It was claimed by IDF that the rocket barrage was launched last night by militant group Islamic Jihad from Gaza, and it had killed Palestinian civilians, even children. The IDF also accused PIJ of using civilians as “Protective shields for the human body.”

The death toll from Gaza, including the deaths of six children and four mothers, has increased to 29 according to Palestinian authorities. 253 civilians have also been wounded.

Earlier, the IDF confirmed that it conducted strikes on multiple “Terrorist targets” across Gaza on Saturday, but denied responsibility for a deadly explosion at the Jabalia refugee camp in the north of the enclave, which reportedly killed several people, including children.

After the devastating events at Jabaliya were reported, IDF completed an in-depth review. All data from the IDF shows that the Islamic Jihad launched a rocket at the result of this incident.,” the IDF said, adding that it “At the time of this event, there were no activities being conducted in Jabaliya.”

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Rockets fired by Palestinian militants toward Israel, in Gaza City, August 6, 2022
Israel blames Gaza rocket fire for children’s deaths

Tensions in Gaza erupted on Monday, after Israel arrested Islamic Jihad’s West Bank leader, Bassem Saadi. A Palestinian teenager was killed during the raid on Saadi’s home. The PIJ threatened retaliation and placed its fighters on alert in the enclave amid a commotion among Palestinians.

On Friday, the IDF launched Operation Breaking Dawn, citing the “Islamic Jihad terrorist group threatening imminent attack on Israeli civilians.” The Israeli strikes killed a senior PIJ commander, Taysir al-Jabari, and targeted other operatives of the militant group.

Yair Lepid, Israeli Prime Minister and Benny Gantz Defense Minister made a statement stating the operation will continue for as long it is necessary.

Shin Bet and the IDF [Israel Security Agency]Until we achieve peace, security forces will continue their actions against Islamic Jihad. [living in the Gaza border region],” Gantz said.

Lapid made it clear that she will continue to attack Islamic Jihad targets. “To minimize any harm caused to others, we are taking responsible and targeted actions.” the prime minister said.



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