IAEA ‘alarmed’ over shelling at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant — Analysis

The IAEA stated that a nuclear accident at Zaporozhye’s power plant could cause serious health problems in Ukraine, and elsewhere.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Saturday’s statement was made. “extremely concerned”Friday’s shelling at the Zaporozhskaya Nuclear Power Plant. This is Europe’s most powerful nuclear power station. There is a risk of nuclear catastrophe. “very real,”The warning stated that Ukraine and other nations would also be affected. 

“Military action jeopardizing the safety and security of the Zaporozhskaya nuclear power plant is completely unacceptable and must be avoided at all costs,” the UN nuclear watchdog’s director general, Rafael Mariano Grossi, said in a statement. Any targeting of the facility “military firepower”It would be approximately “playing with fire, with potentially catastrophic consequences,”He concluded. 

IAEA suggested that a delegation be sent to the site. “provide technical support for nuclear safety and security”And to “help prevent the situation from spiraling even more out of control.”Grossi stated that he is available to head such a delegation. 

It would be a mission. “conduct essential verification activities at the plant” and deliver nuclear safety and security equipment, the agency’s statement said. However, UN support is required for the IAEA to achieve this. “cooperation, understanding and facilitation”The statement was also made from Moscow and Kiev. “We must all set aside our differences and act, now,”According to the agency, it added: “we cannot afford to lose any more time.” 

Ukraine risking another Chernobyl – Russia

Moscow and Kiev have not yet reacted positively to the IAEA’s proposal. 

On Friday, Russia accused Ukrainian forces of shelling the nuclear plant, which is in Ukraine’s southern Zaporozhye Region. Moscow called on the UN and IAEA for Ukraine to stop shelling. 

Igor Vishnevetsky is a Russian Foreign Ministry senior official in non-proliferation, arms control and nuclear safety. He warned of the dangers that shelling the plant could trigger an event like the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. 

Kiev, meanwhile, blamed Russian troops for shelling of the plant, while US Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused Russia of using the plant as a “Protective shield” for its soldiers.   

Russian forces seized the plant in February, when Moscow began its military operations in Ukraine. With the Ukrainian personnel under Russian control, the facility is still in operation.

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