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The use of marijuana has been a part of human culture since civilization. Dating back literally thousands of years. Many cultures have long used marijuana and cannabis for countless reasons. Mainly, these cultures would use cannabis and marijuana for medicinal purposes. Nowadays it is still used as medicine by many people across the world. Millions of people across the globe will use marijuana and cannabis as a remedy to help prevent and cure common mental health disorders like stress, anxiety, depression, and even help with chronic pain. It is more common now than ever before in human history as the use and possession of marijuana have become legalized in Canada and across many states of America. Europe is expected to follow in their footsteps too, as more countries are becoming more open to the idea of legalizing cannabis and marijuana. 

With that in mind, for many users, growing their own plants and developing hybrid strains of cannabis has become something of a hobby. Nowadays it is quite common for regular cannabis users to grow their own plants and maintain a healthy crop for themselves. Which is funny because at one time it was considered illegal across every part of the world. The ‘I Love Growing Marijuana’ webpage, or ILGM, for short, is an awesome site for getting all the information needed to start and develop your own crop. 

On this website, you will find almost everything there is to know about growing and harvesting your own marijuana crop. The website is broken down in easy reading sections so you can find exactly what it is you’re looking for. The main reason visitors come to this site is for the guides on growing. These guides go into fine details on how to get started, the cost of starting a grow, the different seeds you could start with, what the plants need, as well as advice on which are the best strains to grow and a complete beginner’s guide to growing. This section will also cover everything you need to know about the cannabis plant, including understanding the gender of the plant and reproduction, growing marijuana on a cellular level, and an in-depth explanation of THC and CBD (Cannabidiol) in marijuana. 

As well as covering everything there is to know about growing and maintaining a healthy crop, the site also has a page dedicated to grow journals. This is really fascinating for any marijuana and cannabis enthusiast as you can read up on other people’s successes with their crops. It is also a handy place to find answers to any question you might have regarding your own growth and any issues you might be facing. Not only can you read up on how other growers have become successful, but there will also find information on the various strains, environments, seed types, and grow mediums. 

The ILGM site goes into every detail when it comes to covering every aspect of growing your own plants. For anyone looking to start, or wanting further information on getting the most out of their crop, this page will definitely cover it.

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