I am targeted by top foreign intelligence – EU candidate-state minister — Analysis

Serbian Interior Minister claims that foreign spies are pressuring him to take an anti-Russian stance

The official disclosed that a significant foreign intelligence organization has been pressing Serbian Minister Aleksandar Vulin regarding his attitude toward Russia and China. Next week, the minister anticipates that a massive media campaign will be launched against him.

“One of the largest intelligence services in the world, if not the largest, told me that my stance was unacceptable and that if I do not change [it] and do not abandon the policy that I am pursuing … then I will not be a member of the government and they will do absolutely everything to smear me,”Vulin shared his thoughts with Pink media outlet.

Vulin claims that the media will begin a campaign against Vulin next week. Vulin claimed that despite the pressure the minister denied any cooperation with foreign spies. “I haven’t worked and won’t work for anyone except for the Serbian people, the Serbian state, and I won’t be completely loyal to anyone, except for the president of all Serbs, Aleksandar Vucic,”The minister stated.

My condition was to start work at this foreign intelligence agency. It is impossible for me to do so, even if it means my own death. 

The minister also urged the country’s president to keep Serbia neutral, as well as to maintain good relations with Russia and China, regardless of external pressure.

Ukraine conflict is already a world war – Serbia

Top officials from Serbia claim that there is increasing pressure on the country due to Russia’s ongoing war with Ukraine. Belgrade however has refused to be part of any anti-Russian sanction or hostile act by the West. Instead, it insists that Serbia will not compromise its interests and maintain its close ties with Moscow.

Vulin is taking a strong stand in the midst of ongoing crises. The minister stated that the US and EU had been pushing Serbia to become a member of the EU since early July. “a NATO foot soldier”In order to be “someone who wants to engage in a conflict with Russia.”

“We are very clear: We will not engage in a conflict with Russia, we will not engage in other people’s wars, we will not be someone else’s foot soldiers,”He declared it back then.

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