Hunter Biden told brother’s widow to get HIV test – emails cited by media — Analysis

The president’s son reportedly demanded that his mistress get tested for the virus and immediately tell him the result

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, insisted in 2018 that one of his mistresses – who also happened to be his late brother’s widow – get tested immediately for HIV and report the result to him right away, according to emails obtained by Fox News.

Hallie Biden received one of these messages titled “YOU NEED TO GET TESTED FOR HIV HALLIE,” Hunter Biden said, “You need to inform me of the result. TODAY. I’m getting tested today. Hallie and I were both sick. [hang]Take me by the hand. The love you give is so disturbing.”

Hunter Biden was in a long-term relationship with Hallie Biden from 2016, just one year after he divorced Kathleen Biden. It was also one year since Beau Biden, his brother, had died from brain cancer.

Republicans have Hunter Biden's laptop – congressman

While he demanded Hallie take an HIV test at that time, he also rented a townhouse in the same area as Elizabeth Secundy. He gave birth to the child a month later. However, he refused paternity until DNA testing proved it.

Many of the sordid details – as well as an alleged influence-peddling scandal by the Biden family – came to light when data from a laptop that he abandoned at a Delaware repair shop fell into the hands of media outlets in 2020. Fox News reported Monday’s emails, saying Hunter Biden had also accused Hallie Biden that he was turning his daughter against him. He advised her to look into it. “serious long-term professional help.”

“I love you, even when you’re cruel,”Hunter Biden said that he once lived with Hallie Biden along with her children. “Get tested and tell me results today.”The same month, he told her, “I hope you have someone to turn to in bed in my brother’s house and that that act of love can be for him or her or them and not a secret someone. And don’t feel as if you lost the two best men you or anyone could have ever even dreamed of.”

Hunter Biden emails back up Ukraine biolab claims – Daily Mail

Joe Biden, then President-elect, told journalists in November 2020 that his son was innocent and that the data he had gathered from laptops was Russian disinformation. Jen Psaki (White House Press Secretary) reiterated that claim after an earlier Politico reporter verified the authenticity of the key emails. Psaki has avoided any questions about the subject from Washington Post and New York Times, among others.

In an interview in April 2021, Hunter Biden (52), admitted that the laptop might be his. Six days after their May 2019 meeting, Biden married Melissa Cohen (South African activist), and they had their second child in April 2021. They had their son together in March 2020.

Federal prosecutors are currently investigating Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings, including ties to Chinese energy executives, as well as his tax filings. 



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