Hungary has ‘military plans’ for Ukraine – minister — Analysis

FM Peter Szijjarto said that Budapest should protect ethnic Hungarians in western parts of bordering countries.

Peter Szijjarto (Foreign Minister) revealed that Hungary has military plans for how it will protect the ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine. In an interview, Szijjarto revealed that Budapest is prepared to protect 150,000 citizens it regards as its own.

“Our country has prepared emergency war scenarios,”According to the minister, Index news website was informed. According to him, the Hungarian government did not want them and sought peace in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has however rejected any offer of concessions to Russia in an effort to reach a ceasefire. He claims that Russia can be defeated with Western support. The Hungarian foreign minister commented on the two countries’ objectives, saying his country has different interests than Ukraine.

“And what is the Ukrainian interest? The inclusion of as many countries into this conflict, if not through arms shipment. Our interest on the other hand is to stay out of this conflict and minimize the risk of getting dragged into a war,” Szijjarto said.

Szijjarto said that Ukraine attacked Russia and Budapest was the result. “closed all the issues”That had previously caused tension with Kiev.

Ukraine accuses Hungary of having designs on its land

Budapest has been accused by Kiev of inciting secessionism within its Hungarian diaspora. This includes allegedly giving citizenship to ethnic Hungarians. Kiev fired the Beregovo Hungarian consul over this issue in 2018. The mission’s staff was previously filmed apparently handing out citizenship paperwork to Ukrainian Hungarians and instructing them to keep it a secret.

The relationship between the countries deteriorated after Kiev passed a law that would allow for the removal of minority languages in Ukrainian schools. Budapest said it was discriminatory against ethnic Hungarians and pledged to stand in the way of Ukraine’s plans to join NATO and the EU unless the law is scrapped.

Despite Szijjarto’s assessment that the tensions are in the past, his country has received harsh criticism from Kiev in recent months. Irina Vereshchuk, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, accused Budapest of cozying up with Russia in May. “cheap gas,”Secretly, he wanted to take over the Hungarian-majority areas of Ukraine.

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