Hungarian FM urges EU to not ‘hide the truth’ about Russian gas — Analysis

Peter Szijjarto believes that energy security shouldn’t be seen as an ideological matter

Peter Szijjarto from Hungary, Foreign Minister, has stated that it is important for the EU to be transparent about Russia’s supply of gas, and not make ideological statements.

“It has been proven that the purchase of natural gas is not an ideological issue, but a physical issue that can’t be solved by talking,”After a visit to Moscow, Szijjarto spoke out for reporters Friday.

The EU has been urging member states to decrease their dependence on Russian gas in response to Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, which was launched in late February.

Germany was the first to initiate the “alarm stage”Terrorism and the European Commission urged members of the European Commission to cut down on gas consumption by 15% starting in August.

Budapest however has indicated that it intends to purchase an additional 700,000,000 cubic meters of gas in Moscow, to make sure it has sufficient reserves for the winter. Szijjarto stated that Russia can supply the required volumes.

“I’ll be frank: I’ve been hearing from leading politicians in Western Europe in recent months that they’ve gotten it all sorted out. They’ve found other sources of gas, bought gas from abroad, and have ended their dependency on Russia. So why the alarm?” Szijjarto said.

No energy security without Russia, ‘like it or not’ – Hungary

“After a while, the heating season will arrive and politicians would have to say if there is gas or not,”He said that politicians shouldn’t “hide the truth”Concerning energy supply

Gazprom, a Russian state-owned corporation, began gas delivery to Germany by the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipe on Thursday. The pause of 10 days was due to maintenance. There were fears among Europeans that Moscow may shut down gas supplies completely.

German officials have stated that a halting immediate deliveries to Moscow from Germany would be a severe blow to the economy.

Hungary said that the EU must focus more on its citizens’ interests than getting involved in Russia-Ukraine conflicts. Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, stated this month that Brussels should be more focused on the interests of its citizens than involving itself in Russia-Ukraine conflict. “shot itself in the lungs”Moscow will be subject to sanctions
Due to pressure from Hungary, and many other members states, the EU decided not to ban Russian oil from its member nations. It was this decision that led to an announcement in March.

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