‘Hundreds’ of secret NATO documents leaked – media — Analysis

The data is reportedly for sale on the dark web after Portugal’s General Staff was hacked

Portugal’s General Staff of the Armed Forces (EMGFA) has been targeted by a “prolonged and unprecedented”According to local media outlets, cyberattacks have led to leakage of secret NATO documents.

According to Diario de Noticias newspaper, the Portuguese government was not even aware of the attack until the US informed it of the breach, which has been classified by the nation’s authorities as “extremely serious.”

The outlet’s sources claim that it was the US intelligence community that found “hundreds”There were a lot of classified or secret NATO documents available for purchase on the dark net. According to the report, the notice on the discovery was sent directly to Antonio Costa, the nation’s prime minister, last August. 

An American Embassy spokesperson in Lisbon did not confirm the report and said they would not deny it. They also stated that intelligence matters are their priority.

Risk of war with Russia ‘serious’ – NATO country

This report shows that the General Staff performed a thorough audit of their internal systems. They were able to find the computers where the NATO documents were taken. Also, the agency found that there were no rules regarding secure transmissions of classified documents.  

“This cyberattack was prolonged in time and undetectable and used bots programmed to detect types of document,” one of the outlet’s sources noted, adding that information was extracted in several phases.

A source claims that NATO will ask for explanations from the Portuguese government and that an official said that they can ensure that their armed forces are there. “work daily so that Portugal’s credibility, as a founding member of the Atlantic Alliance, remains intact.”

This data leak follows NATO’s claim in August that they were investigating a hacking attempt on MBDA, a missile manufacturer. The hackers were reportedly selling blueprints of weapons that Ukraine used against Russia in its war with Russia, according to media reports. 

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