Amazing waterspout filmed in skies of Melilla, Spain (VIDEOS) — RT World News

6. November 2021, 06:08

A tall waterspout, a tornado-shaped funnel of air over water, was filmed in the skies of Melilla, a small Spanish enclave on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast, on Friday morning.

According to local media the weather phenomenon could be a warning sign for a thunderstorm.

The sky was cloudy and some parts of the ground were covered with hail.

This year, Spain has experienced unusual natural events. Officials continue to monitor the La Palma volcano, on one of Spain’s Canary Islands. It began in September. The Cumbre Vieja volcano has ejected lava that destroyed over 2,500 structures.

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Photo of La Palma volcano eruption, SPACE. Locals were told to lock down as the lava flow destroyed the cement plant

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