How To Make Your Partner Happy Based on Her Love Language!

People have different ways to express their love and a different way to appreciate and feel the love from other people, most especially from their partners. The five love languages by Gary Chapman in his book “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts” are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. These five ideas of giving and receiving love have been accepted by most couples. Couples do their best to discover their partner’s primary love language to create a better understanding, support, and care for each other. For them, it is a formula for a healthy and giving relationship. 

However, knowing and understanding the love language of your partner is not the only significant way to achieve a healthy relationship. Aside from that, you must also familiarize yourself with how to make her happy based on her love language. Keep in mind that understanding is not the only key–it must translate into actions! If you have no idea how to do it, keep on reading because we will show you the things you should do to finally make your partner happy! 

Receiving Gifts

People who appreciate love through receiving gifts are often misinterpreted as materialistic or gold-digger. But that is not what they want! If your partner’s love language is receiving a gift, expect that they see little presents or tokens as “visual symbols of love,” as Chapman defines it. They don’t care about its monetary value. What matters to them is the symbolic thought behind it and what you want to show them behind those gifts. So you have to be careful in reflection and choosing the object that reminds you of her. A key in choosing gifts is to pick something that is both physically and emotionally meaningful. It should reflect her values and personality! 

For example, if your partner values her time too much, you might consider buying her a watch! The timepiece has always been perfect for gift giving since it is an accessory that can double or triple its value through time. It is like your love for her–growing as time goes by! If this interests you the most, try to buy a watch from Panerai Watch shops. They offer a wide variety of timepieces that you may choose from. Aside from that, they also offer advanced functions with an elegant look! Their exquisite range of collections will surely make your partner happy after she receives it! 

Another example, if she is the type of person who values life in general, you may try to give her a plant! The best option is to give succulent plants as she can display them. By doing this, life will be in every corner of her room! You may also try to give her flower plants, just like how your love blooms every day! Remember that there must be a deeper meaning behind each gift. It must be well thought of! 

Words of affirmation

If you feel like your partner does not fully appreciate gift givings in your relationship, maybe she is looking for something different. Maybe the answer for finally making her happy is through “words of affirmation.” People who receive love through this value verbal affections like saying “I love you’s,” frequently or complimenting her every morning. You should try reminding her of how beautiful she is, you may also try to cheer her up by reminding her how talented she is! 

The only key to make her happy is to encourage, support, and care for them through words! Do not ever forget to at least communicate with her about how she matters to you! This kind of person is easy to be happy with–they need to be reminded how lucky you are to have him. 

Quality time

If your partner’s love language is quality time, expect that she will always demand bondings and dates from you! So to make her feel happy and adored, you should put down your phone and hang out with her! She loves to have a meaningful conversation with you! Go ahead and find a perfect place to spend your day! Find a spot where you two can actively bond with each other and talk without any distractions! That’s the only way you can make her happy! 

The key is always planning dates, movie nights, and out town vacations, and so on. With this technique, you can maintain an optimistic relationship with her. 

Acts of Service 

These people are simple to please! If your partner is under the list of people who receive love through acts of service, you have to make her life easier! Yes, you read that right! Just go ahead and help her with the chores, help her do the laundry, massage her when she’s tired from work, carry her bags, or make her coffee every morning! If you do these things, she will feel more than happy! Small help means a lot to her, so you must be there to help her when she needs someone to hold on to. 

Physical touch

For physical touch, the key to making her happy is through intimacy. It is not just about sex, affection for them kissing, holding hands, and cuddling. You do not need to buy gifts, nor to compliment her, or to be there all the time. To make her feel happy with your relationship, you have to at least make sure that your time with each other is full of touches! Physical intimacy for them is a powerful emotional connector! 


If you are struggling to know how you can make your partner happy, the first thing that you must do is to know her love language. After knowing it, make sure to follow it and make her happy based on how she receives and appreciates love! If she is into gifts, give her something that matches her personality. If she’s into quality time, plan some dates! Tell her she’s beautiful if she’s into words of affirmation. Help her out if she values acts of service. And lastly, be intimate with her if she’s into physical touch! With the tips we have elaborated for you, you can be assured that your relationship will be as strong, healthy, and happy as never before! 



Helen is a multi-published, award-winning author of over 30 books, including the delightful Ivy & Bean series. She has written novels for young adults, including YA romantic comedies, and has written BBC drama.

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