5 Reasons Why A Strong Maternity Leave Policy is Beneficial For Any Business

Maternity leave is something that most businesses offer but few agree on its implementation. This surprisingly controversial benefit is seen by some as a necessity and others as a burden. The truth is, creating a strong maternity leave policy is just as beneficial for any business as it is for parents. If you’re skeptical of that notion, here are five reasons that back it up. 

  1. Increased Retention 

As a business owner, you know that replacing people can be expensive. The more specialized their skillset, the higher price tag becomes. With the time it takes to hire and train someone, avoiding turnover is any company’s best interest. 

Not all mothers want to stay home with their babies, either. Some are eager to get back to work while others fall somewhere in-between. However, all of those mothers may decide not to return to their positions if the transition back is too difficult. Employment lawyers recommend allotting new mothers the time they need to see their child through the breastfeeding years and ensuring they have the same position to return to afterward. 

  1. Recruiting Boost

For young women considering having a child someday, finding a company with a strong maternity leave policy is vital. The same is true for young men these days who want to be there for the early months of their child’s life. 

Not only does a solid policy make your company more attractive, it catches the attention of young professionals. The ability to recruit new talent away from your competitors is a no brainer for most business owners. After all, that talent leads to a positive ROI. 

  1. Bolstering Upper Management

There’s a continual disconnect between company policy and what managers choose to accept. While extended leave might be on the table, employees often find that they are penalized upon return in the form of compensation or promotion decisions. This, however, is your chance to bolster the effectiveness of your upper management. 

Ask them a simple question. Would you want to be discriminated against because of your pregnancy or your wife’s? Would they enjoy the same penalization they dish out to employees? The answer is an obvious no, giving you the chance to better align management’s practices with your policy. For some companies, it’s a chance to sit down with these individuals and work to create a better policy that works for everyone. 

  1. Creating Employee Drive

After sitting down with management, some companies find these teams see the issue as one of drive or motivation. In their minds, it’s like returning to work after taking a vacation. That’s far from the truth, but there is one sure fire way to ensure that productivity remains on track. 

Adding new responsibilities for employees when they return from maternity leave not only re-fosters their drive to perform, it shows them that you care about their position in the company. You want them to climb the ladder and become a more valuable asset for your business. It’s a win-win scenario for employees and management alike. 

  1. Doubling Down on Employee Drive

Did you know that the number one impact on an employee’s performance is financial stress? Instead of focusing on work, people are crunching the numbers in their accounts and worrying about paying off their debts on time. Add in a newborn, and those costs rise exponentially. 

Adding in an extended, paid leave to your policy eases that worry. When soon-to-be mothers know they’re taken care of, their productivity increases. The same goes for all of your workers and the leave policies that pertain to them. 

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